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Ralph & Jimmy
Jimmy's a young boy who meets a new friend: Ralph. Ralph's a good listener - and Jimmy's got a lot to talk about. At times Jimmy might seem slow, but he's really a good kid.
We all need friends. And art.
"Ralph & Jimmy" is a cartoon (watercolor+Flash) made by me. However, all music and narration is cut from Sid Davis' 1961 “Boys Beware” (Creative Commons, made available through the Prelinger Archives @ www.archive.org). R&J will premiere at the Goteborg International Filmfestival 2009-01-23 19:30.

My sincere thanks to Sid Davis, www.archive.org, Rick Prelinger, Andreas and Mattias at www.bobby.se, Max Ernst and DADA.
“Ralph & Jimmy” + all mtrl here © 2009 Stålhammar IMDB link

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